Educational Grant Requirements

Educational Grant


Purpose: To provide financial assistance to active HAPNN members participating in educational programs geared toward advanced practice nursing.

Grant Funding: Each year the executive committee of HAPNN will designate a specific amount of funding available for educational grants. This amount will be re-evaluated yearly and subject to member approval. 

Grant Requirements:

1. The grant applicant must be a current member of HAPNN. 

2. The grant applicant must meet the following minimum requirements: 

 a. Attend at least 50% (6) of the regular HAPNN monthly business meetings for the previous year. 

 b. Actively participate in at least one official HAPNN activity during the previous year. 

     Examples of official activities include: 

                                                             I      Serve as an officer

                                                            II      Serve actively on a committee

                                                           III      Assist in organizing an educational program or forum

3. The grant applicant must complete a grant application form. 

4. There is a maximum amount a member can apply for in one year. 

5. The educational program should be appropriate for advanced practice nurses. 

6. The executive committee will make all final decisions regarding funding educational grant requests.